tier2tech’s flagship products, tier2tickets + helpdesk buttons, announce feature release

Tier2Technologies is proud to announce v1.0 of the Tier2Tickets software. After seven months of intensive beta testing, feature building, and partner feedback, Tier2Tech is closing our beta program with the official stable offering of our product.

Since initial launch in July 2019, the product line has morphed from a powerfully simple ticket-submission tool and brandable hardware component with four PSA integrations to a fully-featured product that boasts

  • powerful self-diagnosing real-time reports,
  • over 10 PSA integrations, and
  • a powerful automation engine that allows IT Support Professionals to tie their stack together in ways that only enhance the end-user experience.

Current and prospective clients appreciate the simple, tangible, friendly process and technicians thrive off of the context and visibility our reporting provides, including the annotated slideshow of the user’s last 20 actions before triggering our software. It’s a powerful sales tool that will only enhance your bottom line.

Learn more about the updates we’ve made along the way to bring you the perfect ticket, every time at Tier2Tickets.com.