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Helpdesk Buttons

Helpdesk Buttons was created to bring you the perfect ticket, every time. Give your end users an insanely simple tool that they love using, and at the same time, give your technicians a 30-minute head-start.

While our friendly and simple UI walks the user through submitting a ticket straight to your PSA of choice, we concurrently create a comprehensive and customizable diagnostic report, outlining steps for replication and giving technicians eyes on the problem through annotated screenshots of the user’s last twenty actions before they activated our software.

Helpdesk Buttons are initiated through the press of a literal button, whether a physical USB webkey or a function key programmed as a hotkey (as well as a desktop icon). End users love it and relate to it, and our partners have enjoyed the flexibility and extensibility our platform offers to fit with their workflow.

We currently support 10 PSAs including ConnectWise, Autotask, Kaseya, Zendesk, and ServiceNow.

We offer a free, full-featured subscription of up to 25 endpoints for as long as you need it. Try it out today at account.helpdeskbuttons.com/register.php.


Curbq: Curbside checkin and client messaging app for small businesses. Free queueing solution for curbside pickup, patient check-ins, and any other contactless client management applications.

When a customer is ready to check in for their appointment or product pickup, they simply enter your 5-digit site ID in our website, and it checks them in to your queue. Message clients through the app when you’re ready to assist them and remove them from the queue when your appointment is complete.

Try it for free: https://curbq.io/home

(Thanks to APC Solutions for the funding!)